Is this the bike of cyclists have been dreaming of?

The 700Bike is the first bicycle in the world to feature a built-in display, anti-puncture tyres, GPS and anti-theft tech.

The smart bike is being built by Chinese tech entrepreneur Zhang Xiangdong in Beijing and is the first bike to feature a built-in display. This display will be used to show speed and mileage information, as well as GPS tracking for directions and as an anti-theft device.

The bike also has special city tyres that reduce punctures by 60 per cent, an automatic two-speed internal gear hub, and a specially designed saddle with micro-suspension to improve comfort while riding.

Other bikes may have more 'smart' features but "the bike itself is the most important part," Zhang told Tech in Asia.

"The internet is the future, but you can’t just be 'smart' for the sake of 'smart.'" he said. "700Bike hopes to give users an optimal travel experience – it’s a kind of lifestyle."


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