Your vote is your choice, but what matters is that you vote

Politics can be a very frustrating business. To many people it feels like a constant up and down of promises made and promises broken – which can make the decision of how to cast your vote, a very difficult one. That said, the only way to have a say in the political process is to get involved and make your views count.

Last summer, when the result of the EU Referendum was announced, it was shocking to see the generational gap between those who voted leave and those who voted remain. Yet, while the majority of young people seemed to support staying in the EU, they were outnumbered at the polling stations by older generations. 

The message is clear; if we want results that fairly represent the views of the whole country and all demographics, then everyone needs to vote. 

The General Election will take place on Thursday June 8th, and as many voters feel that the country's future hangs in the balance, this early election is an opportunity to ensure all voices are heard. 

Thankfully, there are organisations putting politics aside in order to help educate people on their choices and to provide safe and open spaces for discussion with peers. Three I’ve found particularly helpful are Bite the BallotMy Life My Say and Citizens UK.

I encourage you to do some reading, join in discussions and most importantly, vote for the things that matter to you most. After all, it is the young people of Britain who are going to have to live with the result for the longest.

The deadline to register to vote in the UK General Election is Monday May 22nd and with over a million young people yet to do so, make sure you don’t stay on the sidelines.

Who you vote for is your choice, but what matters most is that you vote. That's what I'll be doing on June 8th. 

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