Witnessing “People Are Your Purpose” in action…

During my visit to Virgin Voyages this week, I had the absolute honour of witnessing a company fully committed to the belief that “People Are Your Purpose,” first-hand. I could not have been prouder.

Having spent a wonderful morning getting to know the ‘land based’ crew members and chatting all things WEconomy, Tom McAlpin (CEO) then invited me to join his team as they unveiled their Voyages Creeds to the company as a whole. 

Voyages Creeds are a set of commitments and promises, made to their people (current and future), based on the values shared by Virgin Voyages and all future crew members. To quote Tom, “These are the creeds we live by both as a company and as a crew.”

It was wonderful to see a company clearly set out its commitment to its people from the very outset of its business. By 2020 Virgin Voyages will employ more than 2,700 sailors and 1,150 amazing land based ground from around the world.

Seeing a company embed purpose right in to the core of its business – and ensuring that every member of the team feels valued, respected and trusted – is truly inspiring. So much so I couldn’t resist sharing the Voyages Creeds with all of you!

Virgin Voyages_oceans of joy_creed

Caring Creed: Family Love

We love and care for our crew like family – and we even care for our crews’ family like family, too. This means we truly want the best for each and every one of our crew members. We want every ship to feel like home away from home. We want to keep every crew member safe, support them and help them grow personally and professionally. Of course, in every family sometimes you need tough love, too, because these jobs are hard and we need people who can rise to the challenge. Anyone who is as committed to our epic sea change as we are, is part of the family forever. 

Ownership Creed  A Crew’s Ship

We want all our crew members to feel like owners of our ships and stewards of the sailor experience. This coms across in the small ways our crew members personalize their own experiences, and in the big ways they promote safety, accountability, and teamwork onboard. For our shoreside crew members, we want them to remember that the ships, crews, and sailors at sea are theirs to protect and support. We are making big waves in this industry – we need a shipload of passionate crew members to seize this opportunity with us so we can make that possible.

Joy Creed: Oceans of Joy

We never want this to feel like just another job – we want this to be the best job. A job for crew members who make the hard  work fun, who rise to the challenge with unflappable professionalism, and  who bring joy to their responsibilities. We want our crew members to embark on a whole new career with us, or continue on to something else changed for the better through the friendships they made, the experience they earned, and the memories they carry with them.

Virgin Voyages_dive into difference_creed

Fairness Creed: One for All

We may have different job descriptions, but we are all Virgin crew members. Hierarchy and strong leadership is important for safety and order on a ship, but whenever possible, we embrace a one-team, more inclusive structure. All of our leaders model what it means to be respectful and accountable, and when problems arise, they focus on solutions and lessons learned instead of blame and finger pointing. When leaders make tough decisions, everyone’s input and experiences are taken into consideration. Everyone has a voice. While decisions are owned by our leaders, the feedback of the entire team is vital to our success.

Diversity Creed: Dive into Different

At Virgin, we know that our greatest strength comes from our ability to come together as unique individuals from across the globe, united on one ship. There’s no one-size- fits-all because we come in different shapes, sizes, colours and shades – and we respect, embrace, and celebrate that fact. Some of us come for the adventure and travel, some come for the opportunities it affords families back home, and some come for a lifelong career. At Virgin, everyone can come as they are – with diverse hopes, experiences, and backgrounds – and be the best version of themselves.


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