WEconomy takes flight: Toronto

At the start of last week I waved goodbye to Freddie and the kids and took a flight from London to Toronto, eagerly anticipating the second half of our WEconomy book tour. 

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I never like leaving Etta and Artie (or Freddie) for too long, but thankfully all three would be flying out to join me in New York a day later.

The flight to Toronto gave me a great opportunity to read my briefing notes and get ahead on interview prep and once landed and at the hotel, I squeezed in a quick team briefing, ironed my shirt and headed to bed.

Monday was a day of firsts; it was the first time in a long time that I’ve got up and out of bed at 4.30am not for the children, the first time I’ve interviewed for four different breakfast shows in the space of two hours, and my first time speaking on a live TV show on my own.


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From CP24, BNN and CTV Your Morning, to The Social, Elle Canada and a WE breakfast, we did it all. I even managed to fit in a visit to Virgin Mobile Canada to meet some of my colleagues. 

The phrase ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ really couldn’t be more accurate – I met so many wonderful people throughout the day, and despite it being completely non-stop, loved every minute.

These pictures and video link sum up some of my personal highlights from the day but you can see more on my Instagram or Twitter

Huge thanks to everyone who tuned in to listen/watch our interviews, and for all the support on social media. Writing WEconomy was a labour of love but now it’s finished and we get to share it with you all, I feel very proud and very lucky to have such support from so many people.

We truly believe that if all businesses, big and small, adopt the principles of WEconomy, then all of the world’s problems can be solved. To get your copy, visit weconomybook.com


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