WEconomy: a New York state of mind

Looking back over the last week, I am completely blown away by the support we have received for WEconomy.

Toronto was an incredible experience, and after a busy 24 hours taking part in TV shows and interviews, I was feeling much less nervous about the days to come when Craig and I would venture to the US.

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I landed in New York on Monday evening, excited to see Freddie and the kids, and eager to get the US section of the book tour started with Craig – even more so, when Mum and Dad said they would be flying over for Dad to help promote WEconomy and join us for some interviews too.

On Wednesday morning we kicked-off the day in true style, trudging through the snow to make an early appearance on Good Morning America. I was really excited to be there and felt incredibly proud having Dad by my side. There’s something extra special about speaking on a topic we’re both so passionate about, together.

...Even better when we later realised that our interview had been flashing across The Jumbotron in Times Square!

Next, we headed over to the Virgin office on Bleecker Street to catch up with our brilliant VML US team and sit down with New York Times journalist, David Gelles, before heading off for a Facebook Live panel discussion with Carolyn Everson.

The final event of the day was hosted by Good Housekeeping at Hearst Tower, and during the car journey there, we made a few spontaneous stops along the way to take some funny photos in the snow – there’s always time to have fun while working!

Snow had been falling heavily since Tuesday and there were growing concerns that people wouldn’t actually be able to make the event due to such extreme weather conditions – which seemed to show no signs of calming – so we were completely blown away when so many showed up.

It was wonderful to speak to and be surrounded by a group of people so committed to bettering the business world and spreading the word of the WEconomy; thank you all for coming.

The following morning we were up bright and early again, this time to speak on Squawk Box, pre-record an interview with the lovely Jade Scipioni from Fox Business and, last but not least, speak with Courtney Connley from CNBC Make It.


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There were so many funny moments and highlights from our time in New York – from teaching Dad how to make a Boomerang, to posing for photos on top of a building during a snow storm – but nothing will beat having so many brilliant people support us and our journey to better business. 

Thank you for making this such a special and memorable experience, I can’t wait for what’s next. 

...Oh, and thank you San Francisco – our wrap-up drinks were more than we could ever have asked for, and the WEconomy cake was delicious too!


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