Proud to be a Positive Image Icon

Last week, I was announced as one of nine Positive Image Icons as part of an ongoing campaign focusing on inspiring confidence in young people. It was such a lovely surprise and I’m thrilled to be a part of a campaign dedicated to improving the future for young people.

The world is full of young people who need our help. Those who are silenced and scared, those who feel lonely and unloved, and those who might just need a friend to talk to.

Finding ways to help young people feel motivated and proud is something I feel incredibly passionate about – everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in life feeling safe, happy and loved.

The Positive Image campaign was founded in 2012 following a number of statistics showing that we have more young people in the UK suffering from depression, turning to self-harm and even suicide, than ever before.

Since launching in 2012 the Positive Image campaign has supported schools and colleges across the UK and beyond. It’s a brilliant initiative with a simple concept, connecting knowledgeable mentors with young people, to spend an hour talking about and addressing the very real challenges they face.

Holly Branson, Big Change, school visit 2016, Adam Slama

I’m so proud of everyone involved in the Positive Image Campaign and everything it stands for – thank you for choosing me to represent you.

Well done to all the winners, and a special well done to the brilliant Peter Avis – great to have a fellow Virgin colleague recognised for all he does! 

You can find out more about the awards here.


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