Placing sustainability at the core of education

Did you know that bamboo is stronger than steel by weight and it can grow as high as 40 feet in only two months?  

This week I spent a wonderful evening hearing all about the Green School and its work to place sustainability at the core of education – it’s fascinating to hear about alternative approaches to education in other parts of the world.  

The Green School, currently local to Bali but soon to expand into other countries, takes its green credentials very seriously. It is not only built from sustainable materials, but food grows everywhere on the grounds, and it’s the children’s responsibility to look after the produce.

The school strives to not only develop great students, but change-makers. Teachers do this by working to develop skills such as recognising what good relationships look like, thinking creatively, solving problems, the need for reflection and the skills to discuss and interact with others in a meaningful way. In other words, developing a skillset that contribute to a well-rounded, happy human – humans who also happen to be very good at reading and writing too of course!

In a nutshell, the Green School is based on the three pillars of learning, community and environment. I learned a lot from The Green School its amazing students and encourage you to find out more about their work.

  • At Big Change we are working with some great project partners in the UK that embrace very similar principles, but who are still in their infancy. Find out more about Big Change and the projects we support


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