Meet the Author: Richard Branson part 3

Thank you to everyone who sent through questions for dad in the last of my Meet The Author interviews with him. Sorry if we had to miss your question this time around – we got through as many as we could!

We both enjoyed it so much that I promise this will be the first of many daughter/father chats over the next year or so. I hope you all enjoyed it too.


It has been the most wonderful experience interviewing dad. As a family we are lucky that communication has always been a massive part of our daily lives with each other. But there is something special about taking an hour or two to just chat in-depth about the individual with no disctractions – even if it is someone you thinik you know better than yourself at times. 

Again, thank you for taking the time to send through your questions – it shows how brilliant social media can be when used to invite people to interact and get involved, stay informed and engaged, and of course have the opportunity to get a little nosey!


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