Meet the Author: Richard Branson (dad)

Welcome to my second Meet the Author with none other than ultimate entrepreneur – Sir Richard Branson (it's weird saying his name like that when he’s my dad!)  

It’s not often a child gets to interview their parent about the story of their life and then share it publicly. We had so much fun chatting – as always – we forgot there was a time limit on the interview. So this month’s 'Meet the Author will be in three acts instead of the usual one.

Act 1 (live today): will focus on dad’s motivation behind writing his latest autobiography Finding My Virginity, family and some of the challenges we face in life as we get older.  

Act 2 (June 18th): dad shares his dreams for the future and his philanthropic passions.

Act 3: (June 25th) YOU put dad through his paces with the questions you sent to my channels – thank you to all of you who took the time to send me your questions – we got through as many as we could. So without further ado, I’ll let the interviews speak for themselves; on to act 1.

Holly Branson, MTA, RB

I hope you enjoy getting to know my dad through my eyes. Dad, I love you and thank you.



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