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Last month I shared a video talking about the effects of bullying and the brilliant work The Diana Award is doing to tackle it.

Through their campaign, #Back2School, The Diana Award is dedicated to providing young people, professionals and parents/carers with the skills, confidence and training to tackle all forms of bullying. Part of this includes training up and supporting people to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – it’s a great way of offering peer-to-peer support and ensuring students feel like they aren’t alone.

There was a time during my schooling when I was bullied, and while I was very fortunate and the bullying was resolved quickly, not everyone has the same experience. No-one should have to experience name-calling or feeling excluded. The main thing that helped me, was having someone I felt comfortable speaking to. My parents were very supportive and talked everything through with me, listening to how I felt and empowering me to speak out and feel comfortable in my own skin. Everyone deserves to feel supported – that’s why I support this great campaign. 

This week the campaign received some exciting news; Facebook has announced it will be teaming up with The Diana Award to extend and scale their anti-bullying programme to secondary school level.

Research shows that 63 per cent of young people are calling for more peer-led education programmes in school, with young people more likely to turn to one another first for support with issues such as cyber-bullying. 

Bullying isn’t acceptable online or offline and this new partnership will allow The Diana Award to take its commitment to online safety, into classrooms UK-wide and could see tens of thousands of pupils trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors over the next two years. Sharing resources, tools and experience, the programme is dedicated to creating a culture where people feel empowered to address bullying of all forms when they see it.

It's a project I feel incredibly passionate about – everyone has the right to learn, thrive and grow, feeling happy and safe. Find out more about the campaign and support where you can.


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