Grandparents' love

Happy Tuesday all!

Yesterday, my dad shared a really lovely blog post about all of the things he wants to teach his grandchildren. I feel so fortunate that my kids get to grow up and learn from four brilliant, loving and selfless grandparents.

Richard Branson and Joan Branson with Etta and  Artie
Mum and Dad with Lola
Jill and Bill Andrews with Etta and Artie
Jill and Bill with Etta and Artie

Here is a wonderful poem just for you, Grand-dude Richard, Amma Joan, Granny Jill and Granddad Bill. 

Grandparents' Advice

Don't pamper the baby,

Don't run to each cry;

Don't rock that new infant

And don't lullaby;

Don't coddle or cuddle,

That's all there is to it!

Don't spoil that sweet baby,

Let us grandparents do it!

— Mary R. Hurley

Etta, Artie and Lola and incredibly lucky to have you in their lives. Thank you for being the wonderful, nurturing humans that you are.

Joan Branson with Lola
Mum and Lola
Jill Andrews with Lola
Granny Jill and Lola


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