Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark

This week, in support of World Oceans Day, Virgin Unite is sharing a whole series of ocean-themed blogs to educate, inspire and motivate us all to take urgent action to protect the ocean.

To support Virgin Unite’s mission to raise ocean awareness, I would like to tell you about some brilliant children’s books that were shared with me recently. 

Virgin Unite, Ocean, georgina stevens

Introducing Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark, whose story alerts children to the effect plastic waste has on the ocean. It is a lovely story clearly highlighting the damage ocean plastic is doing to the ocean and its inhabitants and also provides tangible suggestions on what we can do to reverse the damage.

Be the Change Books were created by working mum, Georgina Stevens, who has spent the last twenty years in the sustainability sector – it’s safe to say she knows what she’s talking about.

By creating fun and brightly illustrated story books to read with children, Georgina has provided a simple and effective way to challenge the next generation of changemakers and task them with making smarter choices for the planet as they grow up. 

Virgin Unite, Ocean, georgina stevens

I know Etta and Artie are just going to love Finn the Fortunate Tiger Shark, and I’m excited for Percy the Persuasive Polar Bear, Orla the Optimistic Orangutan and Clive the Clever Cat to be released too.

I would highly recommend purchasing and reading Georgina’s books with your children – 100 per cent of the profits from the book go to Greenpeace and the Social Plastic Foundation and you can buy your copy here. Happy reading :)

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