A day for announcements and new adventures

The end of this week will see the start of this year’s Virgin Strive Challenge and I’m so excited for everyone taking part. For the next month a Core Team of 14 will be joined by up to 200 Strivers as they journey 2000km from Cagliari in Sardinia, to the summit of Mont Blanc in France… entirely under human and sail power.

Having taken part in the Virgin Strive Challenge previously, I can say without hesitation, that it’s certainly no easy feat, but worth every minute. I’ve never been pushed so hard, experienced such exhaustion, or wanted my own bed quite so much; but I’ve also never felt more fortunate either.

richard_branson and holly branson virgin strive challenge cycle

The people who sign up to take part in the challenge are from all walks of life, have different fitness levels and abilities, and their own motivations for wanting to raise funds for Big Change and our projects. Being pushed to your limits is physically and mentally gruelling, yet even at breaking point, we act as a family, and I’ve never experienced such humour and kindness at the most challenging of times. It really is the most amazing experience.

This year however, I’m taking on a very different kind of adventure with Freddie, Etta and Artie – an adventure that means I won’t be able to physically take part.

We’re expecting another baby!

Freddie and I had started trying for another baby last year, but after the same struggles with conceiving, and a failed attempt at IVF in December, we decided it probably wasn’t going to happen for us. Then as sometimes happens – even though you think it will never be you – we found out I was pregnant and we had conceived naturally. It was the best, and genuinely most surprising, piece of news imaginable.

I can’t begin to explain how happy we are. I just know Etta and Artie will make the best big brother and sister and we can’t wait for what’s to come.
I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way, but for now, please join me in cheering on my Strive family as they take on this year’s Virgin Strive Challenge. All funds raised will be used to catalyse positive change for young people in the UK, so I can’t emphasise enough, how much of a difference your donations make.

Good luck Strivers!


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