Big love for Big Change

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Today is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and reach out to the most important people in your life.

Over the past week I’ve loved seeing the #BCBigLove shout outs to so many incredible men, women and organisations that have supported Big Change and helped us to thrive over the last six years.

Our passionate and dedicated supporters are the reason Big Change is able to leave a positive and lasting impact to the lives of tens of thousands of young people in the UK. It's this passion and love that fuels all of us at Big Change, every single day. So thank you for the constant motivation and dedication! 

Today, on Valentine’s Day, Big Change is asking you all to get involved and spread the love by giving a shout out to someone who inspires you with their big ideas and embodiment of Big Change’s values.

The Big Love campaign for Big Change

Six years ago, Big Change was born out of the bond of friendship and a collective desire to approach philanthropy differently. We wanted to invest our passion into small organisations and individuals with big ideas.

Big Change works to bring these innovative ideas to scale and fruition. Nurtured with love, Big Change gives young people the ability to reach their full potential and thrive.

In spirit of the love and friendship that brought Big Change together in the first place, my personal #BCBigLove shout out goes to my lovely friend and fellow Big Change founder, Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice attends a Big Change school event

From day one, Bea has been dedicated to growing Big Change into an organisation that creates a real impact for our charity partners and the thousands of young people we support. Bea works hard to make lasting change and I’ve got a lot of #BCBigLove for Bea! It fills my heart with joy to work alongside her.

Holly Branson and Princess Beatrice

To ensure the love keeps flowing, I’m nominating my brother Sam as well as my dear friend and Big Change supporter, Karl Lokko, to share their #BCBigLove shout outs too. At Big Change, we believe that if you invest in a person or a project with love; you’ll nourish them and watch them blossom.  

Help us share that love today. Jump on social media and get involved!


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