Strive for Big Change

It’s been so exciting to hear the unfolding plans for the very first STRIVE Weekender Challenge and I can’t wait to see it come to life this summer. 

The team have shaken things up this year and have truly outdone themselves in the process.

The challenge this year will take place across an entire weekend (June 21st-23rd) in an ultra-two-day marathon called Race to the King.

The core team for the 2016 Strive Challenge

Noah assures me the course is suitable for everyone but I’ve been a little bit busy with a different kind of ultra-marathon – being a mum to three kids under the age of five ­– so I’ll be supporting in spirit!

It looks like you’ll have to sweat and strive for the whole family this year ­Noah – no pressure!  

The Strive Challenge is right up there with Christmas in our family calendar. I am so proud of my brother Sam and cousin Noah.

Since our first Virgin Strive Challenge in 2014 they have brought the most amazing people together to achieve incredible things. Over the last five years, Strive has raised £5 million for Big Change and our wonderful projects.

Completing the month-long epic Virgin Strive Challenge in 2016 alongside Sam, Noah and Dad was one of the most gruelling but incredible experiences of my life.

Holly and Richard for the 2016 Strive Challenge

I couldn’t agree more with these words from the Virgin Strive Challenge team: “Growth happens outside your comfort zone, magic happens when you go there with others.”

This magic lives on as funds raised from Strive help to bring Big Change projects to life.

Virgin Strive Challenge_2016_training weekend_RB_Holly_Sam

Last year, the Virgin Strive Challenge raised a massive £1.46 million.

Big Change uses these funds to invest in big ideas, turn them into a reality, multiply the social impact and deliver lasting change. Talk about a ripple effect! 

From pumping the pavement to paving the way for the next generation to thrive – the Strive team are so important in creating this social impact and unlocking the full potential of young people.

The future is in their hands, but we’ve got their back.


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