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I’m so excited to share my latest Meet The Author interview, after picking the brains of the ever inspiring, forward-thinker that is Simon Sinek.

Holly Branson - Simon Sinek interview - Meet The Author Interview

Since publishing WEconomy and becoming a first-time author myself, I’ve had the opportunity through my Meet The Author series to sit and chat with some incredibly inspiring fellow authors. Women and men who have put pen to paper to share lessons they have learned from their extraordinary lives and to provide a blueprint to help all of us make a positive impact in the world.

Their shared belief that humans are inherently good; have the capacity to create change on every level and their hope for this beautiful planet’s future really shines through – in both their written words and in our candid chats.

Holly Branson - Richard Branson - Meet The Author

I had never seen myself in an interviewer position, but the experience of writing WEconomy left me curious about how and why other authors decided to put their thoughts on paper. Before too long, my Meet The Author series was born. 

The first author I interviewed was Jeremy Heimans. We discussed his brilliant book – New Power – which looks at how the power of people-led movements in disrupting the status quo. Jeremy is a true visionary and was so generous with his time and my first-time interview excitement!

Next up was my dad after he released Finding My Virginity. It was strange to interview him but also an absolute joy! Typical of family chats we covered every topic under the sun – from business, adventures, philanthropy and parenting advice. At the time, Dad didn’t know that I had just found out I was pregnant with Lola. Given our difficulties in the past, we didn’t want to tell anyone until our 12 week scan. Cuddled up on a sofa and forgetting about the camera's, I cannot tell you how difficult it was not to just blurt it out!

A last minute, dash across London found me sitting with my next interviewee– the powerhouse that is June Sarpong and the author of Diversify. With just an hour’s notice after my friend told me how incredible June and her writing is, the interview started on an interesting note - with me admitting to was yet to read the book! June was simply incredible – that smile and that laugh – wow. She spoke so eloquently about why we need to embrace diversity while always remembering our common humanity.

2018 ended on an absolute lifetime high for me - interviewing Michelle Obama about her incredible biography, Becoming

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was! I was in awe of her book and I was determined to do the interview justice. I was eight months pregnant with Lola at the time and could hardly sit for 15 minutes without needing the bathroom, and yet the hour with Michelle absolutely flew by!  I didn’t want it to end.

Michelle is one of the most intelligent, caring and generous people I have ever met. She has an infectiously positive energy that I wanted to bottle up and take with me everywhere! We discussed everything from her childhood, the campaign trail, life in the White House, family and marriage.  Every story was told with love and gratitude. Michelle she’s her role as empowering others to believe that they can achieve anything they put their minds to – what a wonderful message! I found myself hoping that Lola would pick up on the loving vibes. She’s a very contented and happy baby, so maybe there's something to that!

Image of Holly and Michelle Obama

Thank you to Jeremy, Dad, June and Michelle for speaking so candidly about life, business and all of the ways we can create a more positive, inclusive and loving world.

Stay tuned for my next interview in January! Simon has literally changed the way much of the world views business and I can’t wait to share his insights with you all.


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