A letter to my granny

While we’re all coming to terms with the strange new normal of social distancing and isolation, I’ve been thinking a lot about our elderly friends and those who aren’t able to easily connect with loved ones via the likes of  zoom calls and social media.

My Granny Eve is also a wonderful writer and taught our family the value of taking notes and documenting important moments. Following in her footsteps, I decided to write her a letter to put down on paper – discussing how I’m feeling, ask her about a few things I’ve always wanted to know, and just spend some quality time thinking and writing about how special she is to us all.

It turned out to be quite a cathartic experience and a great way to slow down and process all of my thoughts during such a confusing time. I think this will be the first letter of many, and hopefully it will encourage more of us to share our experiences and reach out tothe special people in our lives - via the good old-fashioned post box!

As next week is Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s a great time to reach out to those who may be feeling the distance a little more than others. If you decide to write a letter of your own, I would love to hear about it – so please tag me in a post on social media. I’ve also taken to Instagram to challenge three of my friends to write a lockdown letter of their own so hopefully we can really start to spread the word (literally!).

Here’s my first letter to Granny Eve - from the living room, with love x


Letter from Holly to Eve
Letter from Holly to Eve page 2

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