How to harness the power of positivity

I’ve recently had the opportunity to reach out to a  diverse range of entrepreneurs and one theme that really stands out is the power of positivity.

In a recent conversation with Dan and Carly Moosah, the brilliant husband and wife duo behind Keep Em Quiet, they stressed the need to ignore your inner voice of doubt and take a risk on something you believe in. 

Dan is a serial entrepreneur who had experimented with a few different business ventures when they came up with the idea for Keep Em Quiet.

Dan has never been one to let past setbacks hold him back and the excitement of launching his first business with his wife was all they needed to dive in head first.

I really love their motto “this too shall pass", in both good and bad times. We could probably all afford to apply this ethos more across our lives. 

Dan says his innate optimism is genetic. His father and grandfather were both entrepreneurs and he believes a certain sense of blissful ignorance to failure runs in the family.

Carly believes life is about living, learning, adapting, evolving and always pausing to reflect on your progress.

A huge moment for Dan and Carly was receiving the royal tick of approval and, as they both believe, a priceless bit of press for Keep Em Quiet.

Ahead of Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding last year, Dan received a call from her personal assistant. Princess Eugenie had heard all about Keep Em Quiet and ordered individual packs for her bridesmaids and pageboys.

Before they knew it, one of the toys had made it into the official royal wedding photos!

Dan and Carly may call this 'luck' but I think they're selling themselves short. This sort of word-of-mouth marketing and accidental publicity is only possible when people truly back your product. More often than not, ‘luck’ is the product of really hard work.

Despite the growth of the business, Dan and Carly have never compromised on the quality of their product. Their kids are still the product testers and they genuinely believe in every product they put into the packs.

Dan and Carly’s story is a true testament to the power of collaboration, optimism, purpose and passion when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

Holly Branson with Dan and Carly Moosah

I’m genuinely a huge fan of their travel packs and an even bigger fan of their business ethos. It seems that whether an entrepreneur is born or made is irrelevant when you have the right attitude.

The need to keep a lid on your fears seems to be a constant theme in the life of an entrepreneur. I recently interviewed restauranteur Catherine Salway who also echoed these thoughts. Catherine doesn’t make any decisions before 7am when she unleashes her ‘inner warrior’! 

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