Give Love: Education reform according to Karl Lokko

Karl Lokko is not only a core team member of the Virgin Strive Challenge, he's also a close family friend with an incredible story. At the age of 12, Karl joined a London gang and went on to become one of the most notorious gang leaders in the city. At a certain point, he realised that love was a choice and he could choose to change his path. With immense bravery and a lot of love, Karl managed to completely turn his life around and is now an inspiring pioneer in the space of youth development.

An incredibly talented spoken word poet and social activist, Karl works closely with us at Big Change and he wrote this moving poem which really gets to the heart of why education reform is so vital.

Give Love

Our country is bleeding, because it has wounded its heart

So what’s meant to give blood, loses it instead

Failing to send to the arm, the leg, to the head

We are all connected, and it’s going to take us all to stem the bleeding

So that our heart can fuel our healing 

But instead we apply plasters, and now we have bandages filled with red  

Our heart still pumps though, still loves, still does what it needs for life

It lives, it gives, it is

It is what keeps our lives alive in this 21st century village

If we lose the babes then we lose our village, our very image

No-one should be kicked out

because then we lose a doctor, lose an Oscar, lose a designer, lose our reminder

That if we lose you, then we have lost too

And this loss is a loss of blood

The nation is dizzy, for this is a lot of blood

Let’s open our eyes and close our wounds

For teachers are leaving and burning out

Businesses not getting what they need so they’re turning out

The community bowl is fractured

Let us open our eyes and close our wounds

And stop the loss of energy, humanity identity

Because eventually we will bleed out and lose our very life blood

A whole child is our lifeblood

And it takes the entire village to raise a whole child

And then in turn the whole child will raise the village to a state that is more than now

So we need no fortune teller to see our future, we can look to the heart to measure it now

We cannot exclude the misunderstood, for then we burn hope as firewood

Cold for warmth, what a vicious illusion, exclusion

Exclusion, as if ex-human 

Human is potential, even if unqualified human is credential

But to destroy our own is inhumane, so who do we resemble?

It’s going to take every single child’s potential, so every single child is essential

So let us make the world parental, and see this as all of our responsibility

Give love.

-        Karl Lokko.

How do you think we can bring the love back in learning?


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