Etta and Artie 'graduate' Nursery

We had the most lovely (and emotional) day yesterday celebrating Etta and Artie’s nursery 'graduation'!
We were surrounded by a sea of little ones all beaming with pride as they sang songs and collected their certificates. They also had a photo booth with gowns and hats to get some really cute photos.

Etta and Artie nursery graduation

It was wonderful to see Etta, Artie and all of their friends so excited to start ‘big school’ in September. For all of us parents, it was bitter sweet.  A day filled with laughter and tears. A milestone in our lives that signified our babies are babies no longer!
Following the lead of the little ones, the parents collectively mopped up tears, plastered big smiles on our faces and, low and behold, we too started to get excited about ‘Big School’ in September! 

It’s hard to sum up the wonderful years at nursery school, but my friend sent me a beautiful poem, that paints a pretty much perfect picture. Full disclaimer, I did cry when I read it!

A pre-school good-bye

Sticky fingers, runny noses

Head, shoulders, knees and toe-es.

Shapes and colours, ABC's,

Taking turns and 1 2 3's.


Toothless smiles, hugs and giggles,

Circle Time and lots of wiggles.

Wooden blocks and dress up clothes,

Learning how a flower grows.


Milk and cookies, first time friends,

Thinking days like these won't end.

Preschool done before you know it.

No one sadder than this poet.


Like a butterfly, time has flown,

You have learned and you have grown.

Tiny chairs give way to desks,

Book reports and spelling tests.


So take off now, spread your wings,

Soar to new heights, learn new things.

Just remember, as you do...

Someone's very proud of you.

- Anon


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