The wrong book

There’s this new book about an amazing entrepreneur who had crazy adventures – and he even started his own airline. 

Oh hold on… that’s the wrong book!

When my friend Tony Fernandes asked me to share his new autobiography, Flying High, I couldn’t resist having a laugh while doing it. Tony got his own back when he shared this display too, though. 

But, of course, Tony does have a great story to share, from his adventures in aviation and football, to our infamous F1 bet that ended with yours truly serving as cabin crew on his plane.

I love when people who worked for Virgin go on to create exciting new things, and Tony has certainly done that with AirAsia. Once a member of the Virgin family, always a member. As I wrote on the cover, Tony has accomplished amazing things - and who's to say what he can go on to achieve?

Having said all that, obviously if you’re buying one entrepreneur’s book this holiday season, I’m afraid I can’t recommend Tony’s…

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