Why social media is a positive influence

A reporter asked me if I think social media is more of a positive or negative influence upon the world. I wholeheartedly think it is a positive influence.

We were in Boston at Virgin Atlantic’s Business is an adventure event, and I had just been answering questions from Facebook Live – getting our message out and sharing tips with people all over the world, rather than just in the city.

As the reporter pointed out, there are negatives to social media, such as it being used by terrorist organisations. However, I think social media has a much more positive impact overall, because there are more positive people in the world than negative people in the world.

If you are a positive person you have got to get your voice out. Whether it is on topics such as the war on drugs, climate change, abolishing the death penalty or sharing business tips, we all have a responsibility to share things we believe are important.

With that in mind, I’ve been sharing many of the articles I’ve been reading, podcasts I’ve been hearing and videos I’ve been watching all this week on CNN’s new MoneyStream app. Head over to the website to find what I’ve been viewing on everything from space to finance - and do share what you’ve been finding interesting on social too.


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