Why I love entrepreneurship

The greatest thing about entrepreneurship is that it’s open to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you went to school or who your parents are, it all boils down to having a good idea and being resourceful enough to turn it into a reality. 

I was thrilled to receive the letter below from Mohsin Muhammed – one of the first people in Scotland to receive a loan through Virgin StartUp. When Mo moved to the UK at age nine, has was unable to speak English. Nine years later he was diagnosed with dyslexia. But he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dreams to start a business, and what’s more, become a doctor.  

A Dyslexic Teenager’s Dream

Imagine you moved to Scotland from a deprived country when you are 9 years old, you do not know any English apart from: A is for Apple and B is Banana… Well, that was me in late 2004.

Fast forward to June 2013, I found out that I am dyslexic. When I heard this “bad news”, I thought, this was the end of my world. I can never conquer the highest mountains. I can never become a doctor. I can never make money in life. I can never live a life that I want to live! These were just a few negative thoughts that went through my head back then.

But things started to change when I was introduced to dyslexic celebrities who have changed the world. One of the celebrities that stood out to me was Sir Richard Branson. Why? I studied Business Management in high school and I struggled to understand the difference between Gross Profit and Net Profit; so who helped me understand the difference? It was Sir Richard Branson, another dyslexic. He too struggled to understand this ‘simple concept’ until someone told him in a meeting. ‘Gross Profit is all the fish in the sea and Net Profit is all the fish that you catch in the net and take home with you.’ -something along these lines. It worked for me!

I could dream again! Since then, I have learnt a lot from Sir Richard Branson by reading his books. My favourite book is ‘Screw it, Let’s do it.’ Sir Richard Branson is my favourite teacher. The only teacher that taught me anything is possible and that business is not rocket science. With him acting as a mentor through books, I managed to achieve a lot for a dyslexic - please read the following: I have managed to get into medical school against all the odds - I received 7 refusals before starting at University of Glasgow. I will be starting my 3rd year of MBChB this year, September 2016. Apart from medicine, I have a huge interest in business. I want to change lives! I want to deliver happiness! How am I planning on doing this? Well at the moment through Happiness Delivered Ltd. This year, this company is launching LoveSweets.com. LoveSweets is an online sweet subscription service company. The only way this company is able to launch is because of Virgin StartUp. Sir Richard Branson and everything that he has setup came to help me once again in my life.

He’s helped me get into medical school. He’s helped me start a business. Even if it was indirectly. The very most that I would like to request is 2 minutes to pass on my sincere gratitude to him. I have bought a ticket to an event where I can be given the opportunity to meet him. Which event? Virgin Disruptors 2016 on the 3rd October 2016. I have paid for this using my money that I had saved up for my trip to France. In addition, I will have to miss 6 very important lectures to be there.

I can always catch-up on my lectures and can always make more money to fund a trip to France but I may never get the opportunity to meet my mentor in person ever again.

So what am I requesting for? My Virgin StartUp Mentor Mr David Christie has helped me a lot in starting this business and now I am requesting him to help me find someone who can arrange even 30 seconds so that I can meet Sir Richard Branson on the 3rd October 2016 at the event. I will try my best to catch his attention on the day but if that does not work, I must at least try to arrange a Plan B for such a great opportunity. And I could not think of anything better than asking for help from Mr David Christie. To whoever is reading this, I hope you see how much meeting Sir Richard Branson to thank him would mean to me.

Any help would be welcomed. :D

Kind regards,

Mohsin Muhammed (Medic Mo)

It was wonderful to meet Mo at our recent Virgin Disruptors event in London and hear how the story of Virgin gave him the confidence to keep trying in business, and how his sweet subscription service, Love Sweets, is going from strength to strength. He even read me a poem he had written for the occasion!

Mo’s story teaches us that we all should try to turn challenges into opportunities. 


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