What's the best way to start the day?

How do you kick-start your day? The lemurs on Necker Island seem to have the right idea...

Image by Joann McPike

Every morning our ring-tailed lemurs sit in the sun lapping it up and seemingly meditating.

Watching the lemurs sitting so peacefully makes everyone who sees them want to take a moment to themselves to stop and think too.

The morning is often the most important time of the day. It sets the tone for everything that follows, and having a great morning usually means a great afternoon and evening will follow.

I usually have very active mornings, getting work done, playing tennis and kitesurfing. So the lemurs are a good reminder to slow down and reflect every now and then. Plus, their meditation doesn't last too long and they're soon brimming with energy - just like us!

Image by Joann McPike

What's your morning routine? Would you consider fitting in a little lemur-like meditation too?


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