What’s that coming out of the sea – is it a monster?

If you go down to the beach today you’re in for a big surprise - a monster-sized shock in fact. 

Image by David Parry/PA

Residents and holiday-makers in Bournemouth got a bit of a jolt today. Not only was the sun shining brightly, a bearded eight metre tall sea monster emerged from the ocean.

We’re used to seeing all sorts of dazzling species around Necker, but have never came across a creature so… smiley before!

He seems to be a rather technologically advanced sea monster, with phones, broadband and TV all in hand. 

Well, even giant mythical creatures need to stay connected.

Image by David Parry/PA

Some people have been suggesting the Big Kahuna looks a lot like yours truly – I’ve no idea where they got that from! Can you see the resemblance?


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