Watch Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity go supersonic

There are few things that can compare to the sense of awe that takes hold when I see our spaceship VSS Unity power towards the black sky of space. In this video from Virgin Galactic, you can see the breathtaking results of all the hard work that goes into making a flight test happen and, of course, VSS Unity going supersonic for the second time. 

It was truly incredible being on the flight line to witness the latest milestone. I’ve wanted to go to space since I saw the moon landing, and I also have an absolute desire to try and make it affordable for hundreds of thousands of people to become astronauts.

After welcoming VSS Unity home, I had a tour of the The Spaceship Company (TSC), Virgin Galactic’s sister company. 

TSC’s primary focus is on new spaceships for Virgin Galactic’s future fleet and it was exciting to see the next two spaceships taking shape on the TSC manufacturing line. I also got to see how and where TSC’s rocket motors are made. The creation of the world’s largest hybrid rocket motor system for SpaceShipTwo was a significant engineering challenge and we are particularly proud that we designed and now test and manufacture this world-class motor in house.

The teams at our space companies – Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit (who are launching the small satellite revolution), and The Spaceship Company – are opening space to change the world for good. And I couldn’t be prouder. 


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