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I am proud to announce the global release of Sides of a Horn, a poignant and powerful film that explores how two men from the same family find themselves on opposite sides of Africa’s poaching crisis. It’s a real privilege to be executive producer on such an important project and I hope the film makes a real difference in the battle to protect the magnificent rhinos.

Animal conservation has long been a passion of mine, and I am fortunate to have seen rhinos and many other great African species in the wild at Ulusaba, Virgin Limited Edition’s game reserve in South Africa. Poaching is a huge problem in South Africa and elsewhere, and I want to do all I can to help protect rhinos for the next generation.




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Having got to know director Toby Wosskow and his family, when I heard about Sides of a Horn I was delighted to get involved in the film. It is such a compelling narrative, and is based on real-life experiences that really bring the truth of the situation across. I love how Sides of a Horn shows many different perspectives and treats the viewers with respect, allowing them to make up their own minds and understand the complexities that drive the tragedy of poaching.

Toby hopes Sides of a Horn will expose the social impact of the rhino horn trade in a similar way to Blood Diamond’s effect upon the diamond trade and Sharkwater’s impact upon illegal shark finning. I hope it encourages viewers to find out more about the global illegal wildlife trade and take action. Share its message, write to key policymakers, and support charities like WildAid who are tackling the issue.

It will be a tragedy if my grandchildren grow up in a world without rhinos. Please watch and share Sides of a Horn and help to protect these beautiful animals for generations to come.

The short film Sides of a Horn, written and directed by Toby Wosskow, from Executive Producer Richard Branson, was an international co-production between US companies Broad River Productions, Whirlow Park Pictures and Frame 48, alongside South Africa’s The Televisionaries and YKMD Productions.

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