Visiting Virgin Voyages’ Bimini Beach Club

We’re really excited for the opening of Virgin Voyages beach club on the Bahamian island of Bimini.

Richard Branson and his deck chair

I wanted to get a feel for what our sailors can expect to experience when they arrive at the beach club, so we stopped by for a visit to see how it was coming along.

I had a little fun and brought along a deckchair, joking that I may be a little early but I really wanted to get the best spot.

It really is a fantastic location, with a long stretch of white sand framed by the crystal clear blue ocean. 

Virgin Voyages’ Head of Design Dee Cooper and CEO Tom McAlpin gave me a tour of the site and showed me some fabulous designs of what it will look like. 


Renders of the Beach Club

They used the term barefoot luxury, which really resonated with me. I want people to really be able to relax while being well looked after. There’s not many things better than walking down a beautiful beach with the sand between your toes, a cold drink in your hand and the ocean as your soundtrack. 

Renders of the Beach Club
Render of the Beach Club
Render of the Beach Club

I love swimming in the sea, and jumped on an inflatable unicorn to have a paddle. The water was so beautiful and clear, I could even see small shoals of fish under the surface. It was all going swimmingly until I drifted out a bit further than I should... luckily Tom was on hand to rescue me. 

I was so excited I put the champagne on ice - I can’t wait to pop the cork and declare the beach club open for sailors. In the meantime I let Tom open the champagne (it never hurts to practice). It was a sweltering day and couldn’t help but surprise him with an ice bucket over the head to cool him off. 

Bimini is going to be such a wonderful destination for Virgin Voyages’ sailors and I’m thrilled to see it coming together.

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