Virgin Hotels Chicago visit

Headed over to Chicago earlier this week, where our first Virgin Hotel is just weeks away from completion. Guests are busily booking already ahead of our opening on January 15th, but I wanted to get sneak peek myself first.

It was great to see the brilliant team adding the little Virgin touches that will really bring the building to life. I finally saw the Chamber (it’s far more than a room, I assure you) in person and got to test out The Lounge Bed. It certainly allows space to maneuver oneself into all sorts of different…how shall I put this…positions.

I met with 30 off the team as CEO Raul Leal and Virgin Hotels Chicago General Manager Anna Anderson gave me the grand tour. I know our customers are going to love everything from the rooftop lounge to Two Zero Three, and especially Miss Ricky’s – the diner we couldn’t resist posing outside.

A business is all about the people who run it, and that’s certainly the case with this company. From the furnishings to the free high speed wi-fi (let’s party like it’s not $19.99!) every deft touch exudes the fun-loving, creative character of the team. I can’t wait to join them again for the opening in January, and a few drinks in the Commons Club in social hour.

It was a flying visit as we’re hosting the Necker Cup back in the British Virgin Islands this week, but well worth the trip. I loved seeing the pride and excitement in the faces of all of the staff as the project they’ve been working so hard on is coming to fruition.

If you want to see what Virgin Hotels Chicago is all about, take a look at the website or head over to Instagram. Oh, and feel free to add some more of your own Virgin Rumors – the team will do their best to make them come true come January 15th!


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