V is for Virginity

One of the most common questions I get asked is: how did Virgin get its name. The answer is simple, my friends and I were sitting around brainstorming names, and one girl suggested Virgin, because “we were all virgins at business’. It was true, and we all liked it, so it stuck.

So many people embarking on entrepreneurship for the first time get weighed down in the perceived right way to do things. They think of their naivety and inexperience as a weakness, but in reality it’s a huge advantage.

Everyone is a virgin in business when they start; it’s how you learn and embrace the trials and tribulations of the your journey that determines your success in the long run.

When we were starting out we didn’t know the rules existed, let alone follow them – and that turned out to be a great thing for us. Not affected by the ‘right’ way to do things, we did them our own way, and paved a wonderfully exciting path to success.

My advice for everyone – whether personally or professional – is never get weighed down in the experience of others, go out and learn for yourself. You’ll have a lot more fun if you do.

Richard Branson and Virgin branding

At 67 years old, I still love doing things for the first time - it's for that reason I named my new autobiography, Finding My Virginity

What does virginity mean to you?


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