U is for Uniforms

In most jobs, I believe that people don’t need uniforms. We should be encouraged to wear what we think will help us to work most productively.

You won’t find a tie or suit jacket in sight at our Virgin headquarters in London – it’s an antiquated tradition that very few people enjoy. We’re all about dropping the dress code and getting comfortable. We welcome our team members to wear clothing that they think will help them to get the most of their day.
And it works. Walking into our office in Paddington, you can instantly sense the 100 per cent human atmosphere, and feel the creativity flowing. Plus it does great things for doing away with unnecessary hierarchies and formalities, so people have a lot more fun.

There is, however, always an exception to the rule. Virgin Trains recently launched a brilliant body-neutral uniform range, while our Virgin Atlantic uniforms are iconic and work wonders to give our crew members a sense of team and pride. They also identify that our wonderful staff are there to help, and make guest travel experiences the best they can be.

Working across a number different industries, many of which are service-based, we have learned that when it comes to uniforms it’s important to get the balance right.
What’s your uniform?


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