Two up on one kite

I was getting ready to go kitesurfing on Necker when Susi Mai, one of the founders of MaiTai, noticed the photos on the wall of yours truly kitesurfing with a friend on my back.


People often ask if the image above was photoshopped (it wasn't!) Susi, who is a pro-kiteboarder for Red Bull, Cabrinha and NP,  said we could do better than that.

We've taken on lots of challenges over the years, and have even broken some kitesurfing world records, so we were  confident we could do it. 


First, we tried two people on one kite board, with Susi getting on my back. Then we went for the other way around, with Susi getting on the board in front of me.


Can we go even further? Check back on the blog tomorrow...


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