A triumph for diversity

At a time when the world's biggest election campaign is being driven by fear, isolation and intolerance, it is great to see Londoners ignore those ugly forces. Congratulations to Sadiq Khan for becoming the first directly elected Muslim mayor of a major western city.

Regardless of any party politics, the London mayoral election is an historic moment to be celebrated in a multicultural city that is leading the way in embracing diversity, tolerance and respect.

Sadiq is the son of a Pakistani bus driver and his seamstress wife, one of eight children raised in public housing in south London, who has gone on to become mayor of the city.

I once said that opportunities are like buses - there's always another one coming. I wholeheartedly believe this to be the case, and people - especially entrepreneurs - who keep their eyes and ears open to fresh ideas are the ones who succeed.

I was reminded of my comment this week when Sadiq Khan highlighted his fellow prominent UK politician, the Conservative business secretary Sajid Javid: "Typical. You wait for ages for a Pakistani bus driver's son to come along, then two come along at once!"

It was nice to see Sajid tweet his congratulations to Sadiq "as one son of a Pakistani bus driver to another" too. It is so great to see the wonderful diversity of London that allows such an outcome.

Increasing diversity is one of the best ways to improve the performance of a business, and create happier, healthier places to work and live. Here are some of my top tips on how to advance diversity at work, from experimentation to sponsoring, rewarding to moving beyond numbers. 

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