Top 3 Back Of An Envelope start-up ideas

Following on from our Top 10 #BackOfAnEnvelope start-up ideas I’ve now picked my favourite three. Here are the video pitches they recorded at The Business Show in London recently. 


This certainly puts a new spin on the old elevator pitch idea. Any aspiring entrepreneur needs to be able to quickly and concisely articulate their big idea to grab attention, captivate their fleeting audience and provoke enough curiosity so anyone would want to stick around and find out more. 

These three winning pitches definitely hit the mark. Could you do the same? It’s not as easy as it looks!

1. BAU: Tinashe here, despite wearing the dreaded tie, conveys enthusiasm and focus during his 15 second pitch. He commands your attention with his sense of urgency without appearing desperate – you need to keep your cool or you can put people off and Tinashe just about gets the balance right. His business idea to support young offenders and help equip them with career skills is an idea we’ve long supported so I would love to hear more about his business plan. Tinashe – get in touch with the team at Virgin StartUp and let’s see if we can help you get BAU off the ground.

2. Kompact Chair: Tom is a recent mechanical engineering graduate who impressed us with his 45 second pitch about a portable, fold-up deckchair he’s invented, which fits in to a 30cm long, 15cm diameter cylinder. He succinctly makes the point that he believes it’s different from anything else on the market and he deftly manages to make his pitch relevant to his audience. He obviously knows I’m a keen music festival fan so I’d be more than interested to try his Kompact Chair out at the next V Festival! I’m looking forward to seeing this invention in action Tom, so can we interest you in some help from Virgin StartUp to make it happen?

3. Dream Bear: Tara has a personal story to tell which informs her choice of start-up business. This can be key to making your pitch resonate and stand out from the rest. She is clearly passionate about creating an online support network for single parents and, while not resorting to emotional blackmail, conveys this need with simplicity and dignity. The fact that she is a single mum herself is enough to convince me. I am particularly interested in any new start-up that harnesses the fantastic power that intelligent use of social media can provide. Tara - thank you for visiting the Virgin StartUp team and pitching your idea. I hope that we can help magic Dream Bear into reality for you.


I wish these three young business people all the success they deserve. Well done to everyone who was brave enough to write their start-up ideas on the back of an envelope – just getting that right can be the start of something big.

If you want to see our top 40 #BackOfAnEnvelope ideas then visit the Virgin StartUp Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages.

These three winning pitches definitely hit the mark. Could you do the same? It’s not as easy as it looks!

If you’re aged 18-30, based in England and have either just a great idea or have been trading for less than a year then Virgin StartUp can help you get your business idea off the ground.  



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