Throwback to becoming Austin Powers

I’ve spotted quite a few people on social media are pointing out a certain resemblance between yours truly and Austin Powers, the international man of mystery. So I thought I’d do a throwback to the time in 1999 when I decided to play along with the idea.

As Mike Myers prepared to release his third Austin Powers film, we teamed up to launch special Virgin Atlantic flights honouring the British superspy. We renamed one of our 747s "Austin Powered" and put Austin on the nose of the plane.

From LA to New York, Boston to Orlando and San Francisco to Washington, we launched ads declaring “There's only one virgin on this billboard, baby!" I was lucky enough to meet Mike, and he was as funny in real life as he appears onscreen.

Of course, I wasn’t going let the opportunity go by without having a little fun with it myself, and I obliged to dressing up as Austin Powers too.

I learned from my mentor Sir Freddie Laker that one of the best ways to promote an airline (or any business) is for the founder to put themselves forward and try to make people smile. That was certainly the case here.

As for my skills as a superspy? Well, I did make an appearance in the James Bond film Casino Royale...


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