Three continents - one day!

I am fortunate to get to visit lots of wonderful places and meet with many fascinating people, crisscrossing the globe for business and charity fundraising events. Every now and then, this is taken to the extreme – last week was one such occasion.

My week started on the West Coast of the US, where we rolled out our new Virgin Orbit brand. it was an inspiring day seeing this new Virgin company’s team not only unveil, but co-create and celebrate their identity. More on that tomorrow. 

From Long Beach, we headed to Las Vegas. After discussing a very exciting project I’ll share more about soon, I caught up with Marc Benioff and raised funds for Virgin Unite at a Salesforce event. Then I ended up photobombing Bono after a last-minute invite to a fantastic U2 gig in Santa Clara.

Now the particularly globetrotting day began, as we raced over to San Francisco to launch Virgin Sport’s first US event. After sharing more about our plans while on an exercise bike on the Embarcadero, it was time to catch up with my work and writing on a plane to visit Bulgaria. In Sofia, I had another speaking engagement raising money for charity.

Beforehand, I caught up with the team from Virgin Radio Romania, who were keen to recreate our best Charlie’s Angels impression. Then I shared my experiences from 50 years in business with an engaged crowd of young Bulgarians inside the National Palace of Culture.

Before the day was out, my plans changed as I learned my mum was going to be over in Morocco. Joan and I wanted to surprise her, so I hot-footed over to Marrakech, to end the day and spend the weekend at our beautiful Kasbah Tamadot in the Atlas Mountains.

From the US to Europe to Africa, all on the same date! I love keeping on the move, but even for me that was one busy day.


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