There’s no such thing as bad publicity

Yesterday, I blogged about the huge storm that hit the British Virgin Islands on Monday night. My children and I sat up most of the night to watch it rage – throwing lightning bolts all around, and drenching the Islands with rain. While we marvelled at the magnificent force of nature, we hoped that our neighbours were safe and out of harm’s way.

Necker Island lightning storm

I received an email this morning with the following picture. It looks like the storm wreaked havoc on the boat of one of the BVI’s most colourful entrepreneurs, Gumption. Gumption was one of the first recipients of our entrepreneur loans in the BVI, and now runs Sea It Clear, a thriving glass-bottom-boat business that raises awareness about turtle conservation.


The picture reminded me of the time my boat sunk while crossing of the Atlantic. While attempting to break the record for the fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing, the Virgin Atlantic Challenger capsized close to the finish line in British waters and we had to be rescued by the RAF. As the vessel went down, the bow stuck out the sea, emblazoned with the Virgin letters. A fellow sailing man said to me: "Even when everything has gone pear shaped, you are still promoting Virgin!" 



Gumption has assured me that everything is fine, and he is en route to get the supplies he need to get up and operating again shortly. In true Gumption-style he quipped: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”

Sending best wishes to everyone struggling in the aftermath of the storm, and looking forward to seeing Sea It Clear back out on the ocean soon


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