The war on drugs: what exactly is going on here?

Right now, we have opportunities for progressive drug policy changes we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

Last week I wrote about the latest report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy. The recommendations of the Commission, which I am honoured to be a member of, are reflective of the positive shifts in both public opinion and policy climate that we have seen in many countries.

If we are to move forward and ensure progressive drug policies are achievable, then the global community’s work in raising awareness and education needs to continue to spread.

Fortunately, these efforts have been picking up momentum, and our own work in advocating for a new approach through Breaking the Taboo, is just one example. Another is the highly informative, soon-to-be released documentary The Culture High, which I was proud to be interviewed for.

The Culture High takes a raw and honest look at modern day cannabis prohibition, asking “what exactly is going on here?” It’s a question I have often asked myself, and as the film shows, Joe Rogan, Snoop B-Real, Todd McCormick, Rufus Hound, Howard Bloom, Wiz Khalifa and a long list of others feel the same way.

I am thrilled to be able to share an exclusive look at the documentary trailer, ahead of its International Premiere this Thursday. The Culture High is set to offer a fresh and insightful look into drug prohibition and the ways in which it impacts society as a whole.

Watch the video above, make your voice heard and join us in calling for an end to the war on drugs.


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