The history of the kite

Ever wondered how kites work? Or how kitesurfing evolved into one of the most exciting sports in the world?


I’m delighted to be involved in groundbreaking documentary, With a Kite, narrating the inside look into my favourite sport.

I’ve been enjoying some terrific kitesurfing off Necker Island recently, getting into shape for the year ahead and having a great time doing so.


As you can see, one day Annabelle Neilson even came along for the ride!

Adam Boozer and Tim Tewell’s self-funded film follows the thrills and spills of some elite riders, but also traces the roots of kitesurfing. Here you can watch a beautiful watercolour cell animation that illustrates the history of human flight via kite. It’s a stunning piece of film, and also a fascinating yet simple insight into how flight works.

If that whets your appetite, watch the trailer and look out for With A Kite on Vimeo on Demand on March 4th. Now I’m off for another kitesurf before lunch (with nobody on my back this time!)


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