Tackling the world’s water problem one drop at a time

Water is our lifeblood, yet billions do not have access to clean and safe drinking water, and even more lack access to basic sanitation. Every year, more people die from water-related diseases than killed from all forms of violence, including war. This has to change. 

Image by Karina Ljungdahl, hosted by Gracian Collection

I was delighted to join WHOLE WORLD Water’s latest get-together in Sweden this week. The organisation aims to fix this with a solution-based initiative that drives behaviourial change.

Helping hotels and hospitality groups filter and bottle their own water, WHOLE WORLD Water delivers a percentage of proceeds to local water projects.  It’s a wonderful initiative that Virgin is proud to partner with and support.

Virgin joined the WHOLE WORLD Water campaign last year by introducing the bottling scheme on Necker, which will save 200,000 plastic bottles annually.

Following the success of the scheme we introduced similar initiatives in all of our Virgin Limited Edition properties, and now aim to do the same with our new Virgin Hotels endeavours. 

Members of the global hospitality and tourism industry gathered in Stockholm to focus on public, private and philanthropic partnerships. It was great to meet leading scientist on global water resources, Johan Rockstrom, and learn more about Planetary Boundaries, as it relates to fresh water issues. In a wonderful day of collaboration, everyone present agreed that the industry must lead the way in solving the world’s water crisis. Thanks to Gracian Collection for organising this year's inspiring event. 

Image by Karina Ljungdahl, hosted by Gracian Collection

Image by Karina Ljungdahl, hosted by Gracian Collection


WHOLE WORLD Water is a seemingly simple initiative that could have huge benefits in addressing one of the largest social issues the world faces today.

It is estimated that with scale, the hospitality and tourism industry can contribute $1 billion per year or more to help eradicate this problem. United, the industry has the opportunity to set a precedence for other sectors to follow.

Find out more about WHOLE WORLD Water, and join the campaign to create a change the world so desperately needs. 


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