Strive so far

Tomorrow marks the very last day of the 2019 Alpine Strive Challenge in support of Big Change.

It’s been an incredible week - hiking, cycling and swimming our way across the Alps during the day and brainstorming how we can transform education by night.

Strive Challenge 2019 - Richard Branson Hike

The 2019 Strive team is made up of some of the most brilliant minds I’ve had the pleasure of meeting - and bunking with in eight bed dorms!

Here are some of my favourite moments and insights thus far…

  • “Always look outwards to learn.” – Adam Grant, psychologist and author.

Adam Grant - Strive Challenge 2019 - Swim
  • “You don’t need to be smart, you just need to be observant.” – Ivan Beckley, Big Change Youth Advisory board member, Co-founder of Suvera Health and UCL medical student.
Ivan Beckley - Strive Challenge 2019
  • “You may not always remember what a good teacher has taught you, but you’ll always remember how they made you feel.” – Kurt Long, aerospace engineer and entrepreneur.
Strive Challenge 2019 - Mountain - Swiss Alps
  • “Treat your people so well that you could get a reference letter from the company’s cleaner.” –  James Benamor, high school drop-out turned serial entrepreneur.
James and jasmine Benamor - Strive Challenge 2019
  • “You need to constantly challenge assumptions.” – Essie North, Big Change CEO.
Strive Challenge 2019 - group shot
  • “Always stay two steps ahead, so if you get knocked back you’re not starting from square one.” – Antonin Rollet, chief scientist and biotech executive.
Strive Challenge 2019 - group shot

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.” – Sam Branson, Co-founder of Big Change, the Strive Challenge (and world’s best son).

Richard Branson and Sam Branson - Strive Challenge 2019

After finishing an eight hour uphill cycle today, I’m physically exhausted but buzzing with ideas and energy from the group. I’m now off to speak on a panel with Sam and my old friend and wonderful entrepreneur, Sara Blakely, about empowering young people through Student Magazine and beyond. Wish me luck!

Big thanks to Adam Slama for capturing these beautiful moments on camera too.


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