Spending quality time with family

There is nothing more wonderful than spending quality time with family. It is so important to recharge, reconnect and relax with the people you love.

We are lucky enough to be able to have all of our extended family out to the British Virgin Islands at the moment, from nephews to nieces to cousins, from my mum in her nineties to a new-born baby. I’ve even been on duty putting the kids to bed. As you can see from this photo of me getting the twins to sleep, it’s going well!

Sam passed on this article about the value of growing up amongst cousins, and I 100 per cent agree. Holly and Freddie and Sam and Bellie’s children are fortunate to spend lots of time learning and laughing together, and have already formed incredibly strong bonds.

As a proud grand-dude, nothing makes me happier than seeing Etta, Artie, Eva-Deia and Bluey playing together. The bond between siblings is amazing, but the connection between cousins is so special too.

I benefited greatly from having two wonderful sisters (who are both on Necker at the moment too!), Lindy and Vanessa. But we also had lots of cousins running around the place too. I distinctly remember one cousin, Jane, who was a few years older than me, teaching me the facts of life when we were staying at our grandparents’ house. After she shared an amusing poem with me, I finally understood the birds and the bees!

Fast forward to the present day, and all of Holly and Sam’s cousins are busily taking it in turns trying to beat their uncle at tennis. So far, fortunately for me, I’m still undefeated (their late nights partying and our 6am starts on the tennis court are giving me some advantage!)

We’re all absolutely loving spending quality time together, and appreciating each other’s company

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