Small ways to shape our world

When Jane Tewson was 23 and I was 30, she strode into Virgin’s office and asked us to fund all of the overheads of a new charity she was thinking of setting up called Charity Projects. I knew immediately she had a special quality, and agreed so she could ensure 100 per cent of profits went directly to good causes. Out of that came Red Nose Day and Comic Relief, which has now raised well over than £1 billion to change millions of lives for the better. Now Jane runs Igniting Change, which is a purposely small charity that has enormous impact.

In Australia recently, I caught up with Jane and some of the brilliant groups she convenes for some fascinating discussions. Before too long, despite there being a torrential downpour, we all ended up singing in the rain!

I also heard from Jayde Van Summeren, who has been leading the charge on their latest project: Small ways to shape our world. It is a meaningful and practical book of 50 small ideas to spark conversations, kindness, thoughtfulness, curiosity and compassion.

Jayde, Jane and the team asked the brave individuals and communities they work to support to help shape the book, learning what messages they would like to share with the public. They heard: If people could listen without judging them, stop giving to them, but work with them, stop talking about them but talk with them - they believe this would create the most positive impact.

What do you think is one small way we can shape our world for the better? Comment on my Instagram post and I might just send you a signed copy of Small ways to shape our world.

I’ll share a few more of my favourite thoughts and messages from the book in the coming weeks, but I hope you find these ones useful in the meantime. Head over to Igniting Change to find out more.


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