Shaping serendipity

Some of the greatest discoveries, innovations and inventions have come about by chance encounters. But they wouldn’t have happened if the environment to stimulate chance encounters wasn’t created.

That is the thinking behind bringing so many fascinating entrepreneurial minds to Necker, and nurturing an environment of collaboration, discussion and excitement.

Image by John Dill

We recently hosted the Blockchain Summit, a four-day gathering of digital innovators that was organised by the team behind the MaiTai gatherings. It was fascinating debating new developments in the industry and mapping out what the future holds.

Image by John Dill

The meetings didn’t just discuss topics like Bitcoin though. The likes of Hernando de Soto shared their thoughts on the future of the world, while we also played hard – as this incredible video of kitesurfing off the Great House roof shows. As I shared recently, a high-tech product was even conceived, developed and launched – all on the island.

The whole idea is to create an atmosphere where more random connections between smart people are made, making bright ideas far more likely to come to life. As Bill Tai, the MaiTai co-founder put it, it’s about shaping serendipity.

Image by John Dill

Another recent Necker guest, Nancy Lublin, put the atmosphere of collaboration another way: “Amazeballs. That’s the only word for it.” She talked about being an entrepreneur as incredibly fulfilling, but also very lonely sometimes. I’m sure this is a feeling many entrepreneurs have had. Nancy said being surrounded by like-minded people, “must be what it feels like for a pig to discover mud for the first time: pure heavenly joy”. She certainly has a way with words! Here’s to shaping more serendipity.


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