Roald Dahl’s Dream Jars and my childhood dreams

I’ve always been one to dream big dreams and let them let them fly. At Virgin, we know better than most the value of dreaming. Had we not dreamed, we would have never got to where we are today.

Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic VSS Unity

Dreaming is one of humanity’s greatest gifts – it champions aspiration, spurs innovation, leads to change, and propels the world forward. We should all dream more, and encourage others to do so too.

With this in mind, I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to The BFG Dream Jar Trail. This summer the streets of London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow will be transformed into a magical trail of dreams, dotted with giant dream jars, to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and the release of The BFG Movie – which premieres in London this Sunday, July 17th.

Richard Branson BFG dream jar
Richard Branson BFG Jar at Marble Arch

Being a big dreamer and a huge Roald Dahl fan, I jumped at the chance to join the likes of Steven Spielberg (who directed The BFG Movie), Sophie Dahl, Helen Mirren, Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, Ben Ainslie and many more celebrated names, and create my giant six foot jar. I was fortunate enough to know Roald and the man himself was just as magical as his wonderful books. His adult short stories are among my all-time favourites, and I can’t wait to read his beloved classics like The BFG with my grandchildren.

BFG Dream Jars

When I was a young boy I had a recurring dream that I could fly. The dream took many forms, from putting myself in Peter Pan’s shoes, flapping my arms and flying away, to imagining myself as Phileas Fogg and travelling around the world in a hot air balloon. Once I watched the moon landing on a tiny black and white TV, I dreamed of flying to space – a dream I continue to pursue, and we are determined to turn into reality for thousands of people with Virgin Galactic. My Dream Jar, Reach for the stars, encapsulates this dream and brings it to life. If you want to see it for yourself, you can find it at Marble Arch. I hope you enjoy it. 

Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic VSS Unity

Rumour has it that the jars belong to The BFG himself who mislaid them during his night time wanderings while delivering dreams to the children of the world. The trail will run from July 9th to August 31st.As the film premieres on July 17th the jars will be auctioned at, in aid of Save the Children and Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. To find out more about The BFG Dream Jar Trail visit

What would be inside your Dream Jar? 


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