Q is for Questioning

I may be known as Doctor Yes, but I’m also an enormous believer in asking questions, listening and debating before acting. None of us are always right – if you think you are, you are likely to fall flat on your face.

Questioning and debating is a great way to find the solutions we need to move forward and drive innovative change. No single person has all the answers.
And it’s not just about questioning simply to stir the pot. Negativity breeds negativity, so I always find a positive slant in every question I ask. If you display a positive outlook, you will find that people will gravitate towards you, and go out of their way to help you succeed.

Curiosity is one of humanity’s most healthy instincts. Without it we would never have evolved, advanced, or achieved anything. Entrepreneurs who are curious, who listen to what the world is saying, and who learn from others, will almost certainly be more successful than those who aren’t, don’t or won’t.
Be curious, listen, ask questions and encourage debate. You’ll be a much better person and leader for doing so.

What does questioning mean to you?


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