Pulling people’s legs

Having fun is part of Virgin’s DNA and I never pass up the opportunity of pulling people’s legs and having a laugh. I was on safari recently at Ulusaba, Virgin Limited Edition’s private game reserve in South Africa, and went on a drive with our friend Eirik Moseng and his lovely family.

Eirik is wonderful company but quite possibly the most nervous person I have ever come across. His daughters love pulling his leg and couldn’t resist the opportunity to make him jump when we were out in the bush. The girls filmed the drive and it was really funny watching it all back. 

I was happy to join in the fun and lobbed some elephant dung up in the air while he was staring up at a tree. He thought it was a snake falling out of a tree and leapt onto his wife’s lap.

The girls edited the video and sent it over to me with the title “Eirik gets scared” – I hope you enjoy the clip as much as we loved making it.

I think we should all prioritise fun a little more. If your workplace has a culture of fun then it allows people to be themselves and be more creative and productive – without the fear of judgement. Let’s make play everyday.

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