The power of youth

It’s so encouraging to see young people rising up and tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. From the youth climate strikes happening all across the globe to the incredible innovators, humanitarians and leaders of The NewNow – the next generation is clearly capable and willing to change the very fate of humanity.

Back in March when the #FridaysForFuture global movement was taking shape, I shared a message of support for the scores of young people taking a stand for the planet. It’s incredible to see the motion being created by this movement of young climate activists. These young people all around world are speaking out and teaching us all an important lesson. The question I posed back in March was- what will we do with this lesson? Will we learn?

Over half the world’s population is under the age of 30 and it’s time we acknowledged their impact and potential. They are demonstrating their eagerness and capacity to change the world, and we all need to stand with them and provide the tools to make it happen.

As two of my grandchildren - Etta and Artie - start school for the first time next week, I’ve been reflecting on how important the education system is in making this happen.

Etta and Artie on Necker Island

It fills me with hope to see education systems around the world being reimagined and re-defined by passionate educators and charities such as Big Change.

Big Change was set up by my two children, Holly and Sam alongside four passionate others to support and scale education projects that give young people the chance to thrive in a world of constant change, not just in exams - all across the world. I’ll be hiking, cycling and swimming my way through the 2019 Strive Challenge next week to support the charity.

Another movement I’m proud to support is The NewNow – a youth coalition led by nine rising global leaders to take collective action over some of the world’s greatest issues. Their aim is to build a new order of global leadership and to amplify, develop and support the change these young leaders are already making.

The New Now, Safe Hands For Girls, Jaha Dukureh

Seeing young people all around the globe rising up and making so much positive progress fills me with hope for the future. It shows us what humanity is capable of, and we all ought to join them.


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