Plane Tales

How many potential friends, potential business partners, potential collaborators, potential lovers could be found on board the thousands of planes flying everyday? How many stories could be told, dreams shared and memories created? If only people made that first connection. 

That was in Eva Liparova’s mind when she boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to San Francisco. As the team at Virgin Atlantic say “Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it and let it fly.” Eva picked up a pen and notepad – two items I never travel without – and came up with an inspiring idea.

She decided to ask her fellow passengers to write down their real-life stories and share them down the plane. Why were they flying? Who were they going to see? She asked them to read the last story in the notebook, write a response, ask another question and pass the book along. What a brilliant idea. Talk about making a connection! 

By the end, Eva in seat 42E had collected wonderful stories from 33 people in her book, with personal stories ranging from grief to romance. You can read them in Eva’s book over at her blog, and find out more about her journey over at CNN.

But now Eva has a dilemma. So many lovely people on board shared their intimate thoughts, without leaving their contact details. Eva is trying to find them all and hand over all the stories to each of them. So, if you were on flight VS19 on May 5th 2014, then get in touch with @evaliparova and let’s keep these fantastic Plane Tales flying.

Next time you are on a flight, by all means enjoy Virgin’s peerless entertainment, lie back, relax and enjoy yourself. But remember to connect with the person next to you, or across the aisle, too. We can all create more Plane Tales, every day up at 35,000 feet.


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