My story of Necker Island

From pretending I wanted to buy an island to impress a girl, to buying the island and marrying her there - this is our story of Necker Island.

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Find out about marooned journalists who struggled to survive on Necker Island.

Learn about what happened in the Necker Fire and how we rebuilt our home.

Discover my original plans for Necker as a recording studio, and its current purpose as a place for interesting people to visit, conceive ideas and have a great time.

It's been a real delight looking back on our lives on Necker, and finding footage of playing with the kids and spending time with Diana brought a tear to my eye.

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When we first came here there was nothing. Now Necker is a haven for endangered species, an experiment in sustainable living, and the place we unwind and relax.

Above all - Necker is home.

What does home mean to you? Let us know in the comments below or on social.

Find out more about the future of Necker.

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